Published: August 11, 2010
Category: Female Solo
Author: Anonymous
Age: 24
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I had a girlfriend a few years ago. She was a blonde 22 year old perky little five-foot-nothing of a southern girl who would very stealthily, and publicly masturbate by crossing her legs at the thigh and squeezing/clenching her muscles, as well as by sitting on one foot, grinding her clit against her heel. At first I thought what I was seeing was just wishful thinking but the more I looked for it the more obvious it got. I mean, this girl loved to do it. Any time we went to the movies, she was guaranteed to full-on make herself cum, and usually several times.

The way she would start was always the same. She would spread her feet apart and press her knees together and casually push one knee just slightly above the other. Up then down. Up then down. To most, it looked like shewas merely bouncing her legs up and down with her ankles, casually letting out nervous energy. What she was really doing was clenching eachinner thigh musclerhythmically as the pressure from her knees being pushed together channelled tension into her pelvic floor. Meanwhile all the fabric that bunched together in her crotch from her pants and her panties would rub around against her clit. This was just her warm up phase.

I had suspected that she was doing this for awhile, but it wasn't until I first saw her go at it in the semi-darkness of the movie theatre that I knew. Her guard was down, and she was much less discrete about it than usual. I can't even tell you what watching her did to me. It was indescribable.

The first couple of months we dated, all I could bring myself to do was watch. I was afraid if I said anything about it she would stop. Understand, we had a completely uninhibited physical relationship at this point, but her secret masturbation was something else completely. For whatever reason, it struck a chord deep inside of me. Something about the voyeurism in secretly watching her, and the exhibitionism in her public masturbation made every second we were together exciting and erotic. Finally I had to act, so I started playfully confronting her about it. She denied it for weeks, but certainly didn't stop. Finally, one night in bed she finally came clean about it and told me everything.

She told me how she could do it pretty much anywhere she could be seated; during classes, on benches, at work, at the mall, in restaurants; anywhere! She told me how if she was really horny she could cum in just about three or four minutes, or if she wanted to really enjoy herself she could stretch it out for hours and spend the whole day just cumming and cumming. I was so excited to be in on this with her, and she seemed so turned on from finally getting "caught" and sharing her dirty little secret with someone else that she was more than happy to tell me every single detail of every question I could come up with, and even gave me a fully narrated demonstration in her pajamas. She'd start with the warm up phase for a few minutes, and when she was starting to get wet and could feel her clit poking far enough out, she would quietly bring one leg over the top of the other and that is when the fun would begin.

The beauty of this whole performance was how she had taken what very well should have been wildly stiff, jerky, and outright uncontrollable movements and so delicately hidden them. The way she could take such a sultry, intimate act, and perform it so perfectly, so discretely, right in front of everyone's eyes. Think how many times each day you see a woman quietly kicking her foot or bouncing her leg and think nothing of it. You would, just the same, think nothing of her, but what a show you would miss.

Once her legs had been crossed, very carefully to preserve the little knot of fabric against her clit, she would start to kick her leg slowly at first , building up speed over time. The reality of what she was doing was that what looked like a kick, was actually the release of a clench, and what looked like her leg falling back from the kick, was actually the start of the next clench. She became adept at smoothing out the pattern of clenches. She would also position her back so that it pushed her ass out slightly behind her, as though she was keeping good posture. What this actually allowed her to do was to ever so slightly grind her hips around and clench deep in her thighs as well as her pelvic floor. The whole time she would be clenching and grinding, the seat of her pants pressed between her and her chair would tug the little knot of fabric against her clit, creating a pretty impressive combination of pleasure. The movement of her leg took mere inches, and the motion of her clenching and grinding was contained inside of centimeters. She could be within seconds of a gut-wrenching orgasm and literally carry on a conversation. I've seen her do it while on a cell phone, and I've seen her do it face to face with me. Once the cat was out of the bag, we developed a little game where she would try and pull it off around me, and I would try and catch her in the act. The amazing thing was that even thought I knew all about it, and was pretty much looking for it all the time, she was still able to sneak it by me about half the time.

She also told me in great detail that the orgasms she got from "clenching" (her term for it) were by far the strongest, deepest, and most intense type she was able to have, and the longer she held the final clench the longer the orgasm lasted. Sometimes, they could go for 30 to 40 seconds before she just couldn't hold on any longer. Really think about that. Go find a clock right now and actually count out 40 seconds. Can you even imagine?

Being in nursing school at the time, she spent a lot of time studying in her big computer chair, which is where I would catch her most often, with her left leg bent at the knee, sitting with her heel right on her crotch. The way that chair was shaped was just perfect to let her lean forward slightly but still be supportive, so she would sit with her full weight pressing her clit against her heel and casually "tap" her foot. I am still to this day astounded that her movements could be so subtle and controlled, even up until the very end. Her face and neck would flush slightly and over time I could pick out her "poker face" as she approached orgasm. During her most intense orgasms I began to notice more glaring giveaways like the way she would grip a table momentarily for leverage against her heel, and occasionally I could hear a few rhythmic squeaks from the chair. The most obvious giveaway, though, was one she was never quite able to master. It would happen in her last moments of orgasm, as the last pulse would subside and her entire body, particularly her shoulders and her core muscles, would simultaneously relax, her posture and her hight would lower by almost a full inch.

The year and a half I spent watching this girl masturbate like this, and the months She spent doing it as much for me as for herself, the kinkiness of it and the constant excitement we had has changed me. I think I see girls doing this all the time and It is driving me mad, in such a good way.
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