Women's natural capability for multiple orgasms is well documented and if my preliminary research is correct, given a ratio of 500,000 to 670,000 to 1 ratio more difficult for men to have multiple orgasms. Even at this 500,000 to 1 ratio at best, these orgasms are paltry compare to women real multi-orgasms. By "real" I mean, totally blowing out the orgasmic energy as hard as you want it to go, releasing all pent up sexual energies and exploded outward throughout the body with wanton abandon and just cum as hard and as long as possible - restriction free with powerful contractions after another. In this context, 100% of the male has 0%, absolute zero chance of achieve this - due to genes. All those suppose multi-orgasmic men are lies. They are not REAL multi-orgasms because they cannot total let go - they must exercise extreme caution and control. Granted, these multiple "energy" orgasms (out of 500k-670k women who are capable of true explosive, restriction-free multiple orgasms, 1 men is capable of simulation energy multiples) are superior compare to typical male oragasm but still cannot touch the maximum of women's potential. The distorted truth is internet make it seem like male multiples are possible (yes it is possible for the seller to make a buck) but you cannot find any statistics on how many who can actually attain that. These authors are banking on male ego, with extremely high failure rate and dissapointment. I am not against it, in fact, I support such an attempt to bring the gap closer by given men a chance for the first time, an offering better than the status quo. It also allows man a glimpse into a better understanding of unseen world of energies, not just what can be seen by the eyes.

If US has 300,000,000 population, assuming 150,000,000 males roughly, there is not even 150 male individuals who can achieve multiple "energy" orgasms while you got about 100,000,000 women (or higher upward to 75% of population, depending on age group, social class, education and financial level) who is capable, not just "energy" simulation, -- but "real" explosive, restriction-free multiples. Age demographics play a big difference to this statistics due to older generation been socially conditioned by organized religion and culture bias in those era.

Back to homosexual topic; most straight men find the thought of having sex with another men repulsive. Boys in middle school do not fantasize or even get close to holding hands with other boys. If they do, they will be persecuted to no end.

The statistics is so staggering, it's 20X more likely perfectly straight women fantasize have lesbian sex than men with their own. These hetero women often fantasize having sex with another beautiful and feminine woman. A lot of men and women who are not attuned to the high level of eroticism true lesbian sex brings often imagine lesbian are those butch types, unattractive masculine women. What they fail to understand is there is a secret world filled with feminine women who love, love lesbian sex for sex sake, they are perfectly straight and they themselves are extremely feminine and beautiful and they only want to have sex with other beautiful and feminine women; all this time - they have a boyfriend or a husband - because true definition of sexual orientation is not the physical part but the emotional need and attachment that defines your sexuality. The only exception is straight men are totally disgusted by gay sex or the thought of it. The Natural Law defines these instincts. Angelina Jolie is the object of many women's desires because of her intense sexual energy and beauty.

Three thousand years of Eastern studies (free from religion and cultural suppression) into the Yin (female) and Yang (male) concludes, sex among women is healthy and encouraged; sex among men is unhealthy and discouraged. The reasons are in the energetic differences between men and women. Lesbian's (yin's oceanic waves) orgasmic energies are absorbed back into the body, not only does it not loose energy, it gains fearsome momentum like an oceanic tidal wave; in a prolonged sessions that can last up to 8 hours or indefinately until one chooses to rest, can create intense pleasures that can purify toxins and opening of pineal gland to increase higher levels of awareness; sex between men (yang's dragon fire) are short lived, aggressive, loosing life's vital essence during ejaculation - making them fatigued and depleted.

Normal sex between a man and a woman, during intercourse is healthier than men's gay sex because women's life's replentishing feminine fluids during arousal and orgasms releases special hormones that can be absorbed through the skin of the penis, providing him with energy and stamina.

Fire can excite water. Water can cool fire and her sexual essence can replentish men's vital energies, making him stronger and healthier. Since women do not loose energies during orgasm, her life replentishing essence is like that of an ocean - can be calm and passive or can be crashing and infinite in her abilities to keep the waves coming, over and over.

Erotica For Women

Women enjoy erotica too but mentally enjoy them from a different perspective than men. Erotica for women require a deeper understanding of their needs and fantasies. More women targeted porn are improving in production value and sales are gaining momentum, suggesting healthy women enjoy porn just as much as men do. Lesbian porn and B&D are a big part of this movement.

A woman who has freed herself from guilt and shame brought upon by religion and social bias will love orgasms because of Creator's blueprint for her.

Because women are sensitive to energies in people and environment, they are more able to read body languages in the films they watch -- therefore they enjoy watching women go through orgasms as it turns them on just as if not more so than men do. Men can get off easier, without all the details that women look for. Therefore, erotic content for women require elevation in quality, reality of genuine love for orgasms, and no artificial 15-20 minutes cap per scene. Sex between two women can last for hours, uncut no edit, no artifical loud noises to let the dumb audience know pleasure-is-here as if they cannot read body languages and special camera angle showing tongue on genital, without acting because everything is REAL. If the sex gets to be so engrossing, the women completely forget they're on camera, then you have yourself a great film.

Women looks for clitorical contractions, vaginal contractions, abdomen contractions, hip spasms, glazy eyes, sweat beads on the forehead, head shaking from intense pleasures, neck tightening, heavy breathing, toe curling, redness of the chest area, redness of the leg area, contraction of the clitorical hood, flowery fan out of the outer vagina lips, whimpering and groans, fetal curls, aftershock spasms, "don't stop" demand after g-spot orgasm that has just OPENed her deeper YIN energy centers to GET READY to ride a tital waves of pleasure like OCEANIC waves that keeps on coming and coming, nonstop.

Nothing is worse than masculine dominated theme of ejaculation in the end of a scene. It's psychologically incriminating, it's physically debilitating and harmful to men. Women are robbed of their recognition in preserving and protecting men's health in ways that Western Judeo-Christian society have no idea. Men could out live women with an average lifespan of 90 to 110 years if men learn to respect the invaluable role women play in sexuality once men learn to properly reduce ejaculatory rate according to their age. Women life is in multiple of 7's, men multiple of 8's. That's why puberty for girls is 14 (7x2) and boys is 16 (8x2). Based on these mathematics 80 year old woman is equivalent to 91 year old man in terms of pure physical age. Men average 10 years less at 70 but they could live easily 90-120 years if they conserve their vitality.

Some of our famous lesbian actress in Hollywood are beautifully feminine, date men for their romantic needs and have sex with women for their insatiable sexual libido - the level of intensity between women are unmatched in any other combinations due to Yin's unique energy properties. This wonderful life's secrets replentishs the vitality of cell regeneration, boost overall energy level and improve immunity to diseases and promote healthier and much happier state of mind.

22 yrs old woman - "Once her legs had been crossed, very carefully to preserve the little knot of fabric against her clit, she would start to kick her leg slowly at first , building up speed over time. The reality of what she was doing was that what looked like a kick, was actually the release of a clench, and what looked like her leg falling back from the kick, was actually the start of the next clench. She became adept at smoothing out the pattern of clenches. She would also position her back so that it pushed her ass out slightly behind her, as though she was keeping good posture. What this actually allowed her to do was to ever so slightly grind her hips around and clench deep in her thighs as well as her pelvic floor. The whole time she would be clenching and grinding, the seat of her pants pressed between her and her chair would tug the little knot of fabric against her clit, creating a pretty impressive combination of pleasure. The movement of her leg took mere inches, and the motion of her clenching and grinding was contained inside of centimeters. She could be within seconds of a gut-wrenching orgasm and literally carry on a conversation. I've seen her do it while on a cell phone, and I've seen her do it face to face with me." - read more here Special Story.
Hi, I responded to another web site that was discussing this topic. I noted that I had seen numerous versions of this method while I was in college. (during the 70s). One girl was very intense with her movements. I used to see her occasionally in the college library. Although I did not know her name, we would exchange brief glances, and she would smile as she proceeded to her seat. I was not stalking this girl, but after several incredible sessions of her wild and forceful thigh squeezing, I was hooked. She would start out at a steady rhythm with one leg crossed over the other. she would gradually pick up speed, and then suddenly uncross her legs, and either straighten her legs in front of her, or stretch her entire body with her hands above her head. She would stop for a moment, and then cross her legs in the opposite direction. She would do this for an hour or two at least. This was just one example of many girls that I saw who either did not think that anyone noticed, or they enjoyed being watched. I am sure that others have similar stories to share.

New York
United Kingdom
I wanted to write this a couple of weeks ago but didn't had the time. I have orgasmed several times at meetings where I sit at the end of the table and cannot be observed to easily. I can cross my legs and usually manage quite easily with the board room table hiding my movements. My only problem is my face gets flushed as I aproach orgasm so I have to try and time it when I don't have to speak for a while. I'm not the only female but I think I am the only one that gets off in public. My orgasms are quite intense luckily I learned to control myself at home where there was little privacy as we had paper thin walls so I can be very quiet. Three weeks ago I was sat there and the window was open. I was sure the guy next to me could smell my arousal. I so wanted to taste myself I managed to get my right hand down there. My gusset was soaked and I got some girly cum on my fingers. Just as I raised my fingers to my mouth he turned to say something to me. My face was flushed and he ended up by asking me quietly if I was ok. I quickly pinched my nose and blamed a sneeze for my condition. I still don't know if he knew what was going on a few feet from his chair.
I have squeezed quite regularly on the London underground where everyone avoids eye contact. One particular orgasm was made so intense because I knew a guy was watching me and using the natural movement of the train to aid the squeezing and with the seam of my tight denim jeans pulled hard against my clit my orgasm had me jerking quite uncontrolled for several seconds.
I don't live in London and seldom use the buses. One day I had on my regulation skirt and blouse (for work) and seated upstairs on the back seat of the bus I decided it was safe to masturbate. I could see everyone and they could not see me. I had pulled my skirt up my thighs and my panties aside and was quite wet when I realised there was a bus alongside in the traffic and I was being watched by a gorgeous blonde. I don't think I could have stopped if I wanted to as my orgasm was building. Just as we pulled away from the other bus my orgasm hit with such intensity I nearly blacked out. It was such a turn on to know I was being watched. When I confided with my g/f later that evening she said London buses have cameras upstairs so that the driver can see what is going on.!!!!!!!!!!!!omg
Keep on squeezing girls
Hugs Sue
Kelly Armour
I've cum in jeans without undies at my desk quite a few times with others in the room unaware of what I was doing......its so erotic.....the seam on the jeans feels so nice mashed against your clit............rolling it side to side,,,give it a try girls.......Has anyone else ever done that????  Or am I onto something new..LOL
Cummin Cathy
Yes it is nice to be among other secret cummers!! You know what is really nice? To be sitting at my desk, reading this e mail as I start to squirm and throb. What a great time to sneak one off, with my girl friends right here to watch LOL, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
Carol Tangrey
.. Your damn right, Kelly "A woman knows, what a woman needs, and wants"! True.. A guy has a penis, be we have Mr. Viby, and a handy dildo that does just fine... PLUS! We can sit and grind out a fantastic cummie, where a guy has to jack off.... I love this life!!!

Owings Mills, MD
The first time I ever masturbated was by rubbing my thighs together. I didn't mean to masturbate; I was just enjoying the feel when I put on pantyhose for the first time; they were silky and nice. Then I became very aroused and kept rubbing my thighs together to masturbate. Pretty soon I couldn't resist and slipped my hand down and made myself cum. After that I began cumming all the time on the bus from the vibration and started teaching myself to cum in class and other places by just crossing and squeezing. I'm addicted to this day.
It's hard to keep my hand away when I'm alone but in public I can't do that. That actually makes it last longer and the orgasm much more intense. I usually bury my face in my hands because the flush gives me away, and I have to close my eyes at the moment of the sweetest and strongest pleasure. The real hard part is the breathing!
Taichung, Taiwan
I just wanted to say that I have been one of those lucky ones who can cross her legs and come and I have an extra tip for those who like that exhibitionistic thrill of having an orgasm in public with all sorts of people around - this technique works much better when your bladder is full!. It increases the "inside pressure" on the clitoris. Beware though, after the orgasm, you really feel the need to pee! Rhythmically squeezing your thighs is intensely pleasurable, even if you don't orgasm. And when you do......well, it is amazing. Especially if you are in a place where you could get caught! I am so sensitive I do not even wear pants, only skirts and dresses. I have to sit squeezing myself with my thighs to keep some control over the sensation when I sit down. It really is a problem to be turned on all of the time.
oooohh im so happy.. lol i didnt realise other girls could do it... i find it so easy but i have to admit i normally watch porn when i do it which im not sure i like myself for because i always feel bad after watching it having heard about all the horrid things in the sex industry :s
York, UK
I'm so happy to hear this :) I literally thought I was a freak. I usually squeeze my thighs lying down, and change it up a bit by teasing myself as I always come in under ten minutes and I'd love to prolong it. Sometimes I hold my breath for the last thirty seconds or though...really blows my mind. Anybody?
Manchester, UK
Innocently crossing your legs is not thought erotic. But it often is! A little added inner thigh pressure with rythmic contraction of the thigh muscles can be mind blowing. Stimulating the clitoris in this way is all that is needed to orgasm. I please myself several times a day. Tight underwear really does make this even easier. Control pants, shapewear whether a separate garment or in pantyhose works so well. Even standing with your legs crossed at the ankle can be a great experience too! I like to please myself where ever and when ever I want. If this is open to general view, in the office, home or public place,that's ok because no one ever knows!
Pheonix, AZ
omg! and I thought I was a freak!! I can also orgasm by doing this too, I orgasm faster when I wear tight jeans and are sitting down, it's mind blowing!!...it's somewhat odd to me though because this is the only way I can orgasm, the few times I've been with my boyfriend I can never reach an orgasm :\
Vienna, Austria
I am able to have an orgasm by rhythmically squeezing my thighs. But it doesn´t work as well as my fingers.

But a schoolmate did it not only to have fun, but to entertain us in the bus. She could have an orgasm almost unnoticable, with the exception of her purple fae, closed eyes and a soft sigh at the end.
Hollywood, FL
i've been able to enjoy this technique since i was a little girl! i think the first time i can remember.. i got off to belle. lol. ive been able to finish under 2 mins, but my orgasms dont last for more than 30 secs. they are very intense so i'm always satisfied at the end. i do it at work and i used to do it in class but i stopped doing that in 5th grade.

i think this is the reason why i lost my virginity so early.. barely 14, because it felt so great when i did it myself, i thought it would be even better with my first love. boy was i wrong. sex was pleasurable but not as good as when i did it.

not until recently was i able to get vaginal orgasms. my current boyfriend is a beast. i literally flow when my boyfriend fingers me by rubbing my gspot back and forth fiercely (almost violently). he now calls me the 'fountain' lol. and sometimes i squirt when he does it really hard doggy style. it's embarassing for me b/c i think my juice being everywhere is disgusting but luckily he loves it.

i can never get off by getting head tho. or by him rubbing my clit. i definitely need my clit to be rubbed indirectly with lots of pressure to get off from it. i guess cause im so used to it that way. but he loves going down on me so i have to pretend it feels really good. hehe atleast he gets me off for real in other ways.
Fort Wayne, IN
We had a temp at work once that I'm sure was using this method. I watched her sit in her chair at her desk and every once in a while she would get to wiggling around. At first I thought she had some sort of nervous twitch, but when I watched her a little more closely, I could see her facial expressions indicating something else. Her face would get a blush and she would sweat a little. Many times she would get to gyrating then stop suddenly and go to the bathroom. She was usually in her own little world, but she caught me looking once and told me that it was some sort of aerobic exercise. Yeah, sure. She didn't stop however, even when she knew I was watching.
Personal Emails
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 18:46:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: MsAnnElk@aol.com

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Bonjour. How are you doing today? I got your letter, thank you very much. It's nice that your interest can broaden to include other aspects of life. However, the opportunity to share those deeply personal responses to sexuality is rather remarkable isn't it? It's a very interesting outcome of the contact one can make via computer, a combination of intensely personal yet essentially anonymous. I think we must be somewhat alike in our deep interest and pleasure in this. I love orgasms. I frequently find myself longing for them, and when I'm feeling one surging through my pussy and clit, I wish that it would never go away. That's why I must keep going and going, as I described about the library. I'm sitting there and I know with a few more squeezes of my thighs I'll be in orgasm again. How can I turn it down? Even when I've been doing this for a while, so you'd think I'd be satisfied, I can't help feeling my clit there so erect and twitching. When I squeeze my thighs I can feel it sliding around in my slippery lips. They massage it all the way up to the tender tip and when I'm squeezing and rocking and that glowing feeling begins, and fans out over my whole pussy, I am so grateful. I think to myself, there it is... there's my orgasm... I have my orgasm now. And I squeeze steadily and slowly so it throbs and throbs. It's a bit hard somewhere like the library, because it makes me breathe faster, and I'm really afraid someone will notice me. But I try to catch my breathe and settle down and then I think I could be feeling it again. If I squeeze and squeeze some more my pussy will have another orgasm, and I want the feeling so, so much. Of course I do have to stop eventually, because I have to leave, or someone keeps hanging around nearby, or I'm finally exhausted. I'm absurdly slippery at this point, and worst of all, this slipperyness makes me wish I could feel a lovely cock slide into all those swollen wetness. We haven't talked about this, but I am so VERY fond of g-spot orgasms. That is when I become so wet I feel embarrassed, but it's worth it...

Bye for now,

More Stories collected from Internet
From Literotica.com
Hands Free Orgasm
by PrincessErin
I'm not the type to go around talking to my friends about sex. Maybe it's the fact that my only ex-boyfriend broke my heart to date and marry my best friend. In any case, I keep quiet when it comes to talking about sex. It was only when I started chatting on this site that I realized I could be open about my sexuality and about sex in general.

For as long as I can remember, I have been able to do something that not very many women can do. I am able to orgasm without touching myself. It is a very useful skill I might add. I can masturbate while typing or driving. I have done both although I would not suggest doing it while driving on the highway. Being able to type and masturbate at the same time is very useful when you cyber, however, it is difficult to convince your partner that you are indeed able to do both. Many men have gotten angry with me thinking I'm some creepy man pretending to be a woman. In any case, I digress.

Every woman is different when it comes to masturbation. For those women who haven't ever tried this, you have nothing to lose. Describing how I am able to do this will, hopefully, help others who are interested in learning.

It doesn't matter at all what I am wearing. I can wear a skirt, jeans, or nothing at all. I have found that wearing tight jeans helps how fast I orgasm, but that might be in part due to how aroused I am before beginning. Wearing tight jeans already puts pressure on my pussy and clit, which is really what causes me to have these types of orgasms.

I have to be lying down on my back or leaning back in a chair. If I'm on my back, I normally lay back on a few pillows. If I'm in a chair I lean back not so much that I'm lounging, but enough that I can squeeze my legs together tightly. Once I'm in that position, I need to either cross my arms over my lower abdomen or squeeze my abdominal muscles tightly. Once I have begun, I slide my thighs together.

I will do this for a few minutes, squeezing and then letting go of my thighs. Each time I squeeze I will grind my hips in circles. It puts more pressure on my clit and feels very good. I can feel the sensations throughout my whole body. While I'm doing that, I feel my legs begin to shake. Sometimes I will grind up and down, almost like I'm doing leg lifts.

If I want to tease myself, I will stop and try not to keep my legs together. Sometimes I can do that, but other times I need to keep my legs together. By this time, I can feel how wet my pussy is and if I'm only wearing panties I can feel my inner thighs wet as well.

As I get more aroused, I will squeeze my thighs together tighter and put more pressure on my lower abdomen. I will squeeze very tight and feel my orgasm getting close. At this point, I'll be biting my lip and trying to look innocent even though I'm squirming around a lot. Luckily, I can stay quiet when I orgasm.

As I orgasm, I keep my thighs tight together and grind my hips. A wave of pleasure sweeps over my body and my legs will shake. I'll be breathing very hard and sometimes will need to close my eyes. My pussy will feel like it is throbbing and I'm sure it is. I will not be able to open my legs since my muscles will be very tense.

After I orgasm, I will sit up straight and keep my legs apart. I get very sensitive after I climax and therefore can't have anything touching my clit or pussy. My face will be red and I will try to stop my legs from shaking. After a few minutes, I will be back to normal.

I can do this a few times in a row and of course, like most women, the more I orgasm, the easier it is to climax. Each time I do this, I don't change the method that much. Depending on my level of arousal it will sometimes take a few minutes to orgasm while at other times it might take longer.

As I said before, this is just my personal experience and description of how to do this type of masturbation. Until I started having sex, this was the only way I knew how to climax and it is a different type of orgasm than I have during sex.

From Literotica.com
Riding the Seam
by kjane
For several years now, I have worked for a large medical facility that offers health plans to its members. Basically, it is an insurance job within a medical setting. Granted, working in this industry is not what I intended to do with my life, but it pays the bills and the benefits are good.
In recent months, my department at work has been working a lot of overtime. The tension and stress of meeting our various deadlines has created rather poor morale among some of the employees, including me at times. Our boss is a man named Nathan. He is not the smartest person I've ever met, but he is an adequate leader. In an effort to raise our declining morale, a couple of weeks ago he told our department that we could start wearing jeans on Fridays. This idea was well received by everyone, particularly the ladies, because it gave us the freedom to get rid of our pantyhose, dresses, and slacks. It was a lovely perk. We were all looking forward to dressing casual for a change.
On the day that Nathan made the announcement about our casual dress days, I went out to lunch with my friend Ginny. We have worked in the same department for years, and we know more about each other than pretty much anyone in the world. Our conversations are always free and open, and I have always been able to trust her completely. While we were at lunch, she brought up the topic of our upcoming casual dress days.
"So Jane, are you going to break out the jeans this Friday?" she asked.
"Of course," I replied. "It is going to be great finally to ditch the formal attire that they make us wear around here. I'm not sure if I have jeans that still fit, though.""I'm not sure if I have any either, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the guys in the department wearing their jeans," giggled Ginny. "There is nothing hotter than tight, man ass in a pair of Levi's."
I thought about the guys with whom we worked before responding. "Hmmm, I think there are a few that I'd like to see in jeans, but not many. Maybe Nathan, actually. He has a pretty nice frame."
"I think so too," she replied. "I think he'll have a nice bulge in the front, come to think of it."
We both laughed at the thought, and began to joke a little about possibly having a secret contest or taking notes about who will have the biggest bulge in their jeans, or who will have the best looking ass. However, it is what she said next that I found particularly intriguing.
"What the boss doesn't know is that having a jeans day will give all of us ladies the opportunity to 'ride the seam' all day."
"What?" I asked. "Ride the seam?"
"Yeah, as in getting off by wearing tight jeans."
"You'll have to explain this one to me a little clearer, girlfriend," I said. "Evidently I'm a little uninformed on the topic."
"Oh my God, Jane, you mean to tell me that you have never done 'riding the seam'? Damn, girl. You have been missing out. It is a way that you can masturbate without anyone knowing. First you wear tight jeans, and then you simply try to position your clitoris onto the seam of them. Then you rub your thighs together or slightly rock back and forth, and you will find that you will become very aroused. I have actually had orgasms doing this, and it can be done discreetly, as long as you are careful not to make too much noise."
"Shit, girl," I said, "I think you just polluted my mind, thank you. Now I can envision every lady in the freaking department 'riding the seam' during our meetings on Fridays. I gotta say, though, that it sounds like a good way to pass the time while working."
Ginny and I continued to talk about other silly topics and finished our lunch. Over the next couple of days, we did not discuss "riding the seam" again, although the idea was one that I could not extricate from my mind. In retrospect, I guess there have been times that I've felt slightly aroused in tight pants or shorts, but I had never thought of getting off that way. Riding the seam of jeans to orgasm sounded like lovely fun, actually. So fun, in fact, that I was going to give it a try during our first casual dress day.
* * *
When Friday arrived, I went to my dresser and picked out my sexiest thin, silk, low-cut panties. They were going to help make my day of seam riding smooth and free of chafing. Then I brought down a nice pair of blue Levi's from my closet shelf. I made sure to select a pair with a deliciously thick seam. I hadn't worn jeans in a long time, probably in a year or two, so I was hoping that they would fit. I slipped them on after I put on my silk panties, which already made me feel as sexy as hell. The jeans were fairly snug around my hips, but they looked good on my firm, fit frame. (I have just a tad of widening at the hips, but my boyfriend Bill thinks my hips and ass look hot like Mrs. Incredible's from the cartoons, so I have no worries.) There was good tension in the crotch too--not excessive enough to produce cameltoe, but enough to be nice and snug up against my kitty.
Bill looked at me with crazed eyes. Evidently the sight of me in jeans was turning him on. "Oh my, I swear that if I didn't have to work in thirty minutes that I'd yank those jeans down and fuck you right here and now, " he said somewhat demonically. "I wouldn't even pull down those silk panties--I'd fuck you right through them and cream your box from the outside of the silk fabric."
"And I'd let you, hon," I said smiling, and then left the room to make my lunch before going to work.
I made my way to work that morning by taking public transportation. With the high gas prices and expensive parking, it has been the cheapest way to commute. Riding the bus in my jeans that morning was a lovely experience. The seam of my jeans was snug up against my labia, parting them ever so slightly, and there was ample pressure against my clitoris. The feeling of the thick seam, coupled with the silk panties, was heavenly. With the vibrations of the bus in full swing, I could feel myself becoming moist. The cologne of the man who was sitting next to me heightened my excitement. He smelled husky and primal. The entire set of variables was enough to make a proper girl sweat and writhe in her seat. Being self-conscious about my arousal, and being in a public place, I decided not to "ride the seam" of my jeans too hard at that point, but to just enjoy the good vibrations of the bus combined with the tension in my crotch. The sensations definitely played tricks on the brain. By the time I arrived at work, I had already mentally copulated with nearly every guy on the bus and I was a dripping mess! Fortunately, I was not seeping through my jeans at that point, although I wondered, as I rode the elevator to the floor on which I worked, whether anyone could tell from the scents emanating from my frame that I was in heat.
As I walked toward my cube, I eyed the rest of the department in their jeans. Oh, maybe it was because I was already feeling randy from the bus ride, but everyone looked delicious with their tightly wrapped butts and, with regard to the men, their bulging fronts. Once I got settled into my cube, I turned on the computer and started to take out the work that was assigned to me for that day. I was going to be pretty much working on spreadsheets all day for a report that was due the following week, so it was going to be somewhat of a long, boring day.
By 10:00 AM I had already started to get bored with my work. Time was moving slowly. I decided that it was time to take a little break in my work station and "ride the seam" of my jeans for a few minutes. I stood up and pulled my jeans tightly up my crotch, positioning my clitoris onto the seam. Then I sat back down, crossed my legs, pressed my thighs together, and rocked my ass on my seat slowly back and forth. My breaths started to become heavy and my pulse quickened. Because I was in my cube, I had some privacy; no one knew what I was doing. I also kept extremely quiet, although my body so desperately wanted to moan and groan to my grinding gyrations. I kept my eyes on the computer screen, to make it look as though I was reviewing the data on the spreadsheet, but in reality my eyes could not focus, as I was gradually cascading towards ecstasy with each rocking movement onto the seam of my jeans.
After a few minutes of somewhat discreetly bucking and fucking my jeans, I could not hold back. My whole body shuddered with wave after wave of bliss. My mind hazed, my eyes glazed, and in the back of my mind I could not believe that I was having an orgasm at work. I rocked onto the seam harder a few more times as a few beads of sweat started to form on my brow and my body became flushed. I covered my mouth to keep as quiet as possible, but I did actually let out a few deep breaths that could be heard by others. I knew this for a fact, once I suddenly realized that there was someone standing at the entrance of my cube, which was directly behind me.
It was my boss Nathan.
"Hey Jane, uh, how are you?" he said, looking at me strangely.
I was in no condition to form a coherent reply. My legs were shaking, my face must have been completely red, and I was still experiencing orgasmic spasms throughout my entire body.
"I'm feeling ill," I said quickly, knowing that it was the best lie that I could devise under the circumstances. "I just started feeling a little nauseous, but I think I'll be okay." I obviously was not in a position or condition to tell him the truth: that he was watching me cum in my cube at work.
Nathan looked at my shaking legs. "You know, if you are not feeling well, you can take the rest of the day off. I just came by to see how you were doing on the report for next week. But go home if you are not feeling well."
As he said those words, I could tell that his eyes were looking down at my crotch. I followed his gaze and noticed that my orgasm caused me to cream through my pants ever so slightly. I don't generally squirt hardly at all, but I did release some fluids during that lovely, but now embarrassing, orgasm. It was pretty noticeable.
"Thanks, but I think I'll be okay, " I said hurriedly, crossing my legs in an effort to cover my dampness.
He did not say a word, but simply crooked his brow and walked away. I began to wonder--no, obsess--about whether he knew that he walked in on me while I was getting off. The possibility that maybe he knew the truth was a major distraction with which I had to contend for the next few hours. I started to feel ashamed. I straightened up and tried to get some work done, but it was going to be a long, long rest of the day. Damn, did my boss know that I had an orgasm in front of him? How long had he been standing there?
The rest of the day was difficult. I tried to be a good girl and just power my way through it. At around 4:30 PM, Nathan called me on my phone. He wanted to see me in his office in fifteen minutes. Still feeling confusion and embarrassment about that morning, I made sure that I was professional and mentally sharp. Happily, the crotch of my pants had long since dried by that time in the day, so I knew I was presentable. I made sure to be precisely on time.
"Thanks for coming by, Jane," said Nathan, as he sat in his plush office chair behind his desk. "Please close the door. Say, I'm sorry that I surprised you this morning."
"It's alright. I just wasn't feeling too well when you showed up."
"That's interesting," he said.
I was puzzled by his statement. "What is interesting?" I asked.
"I don't mean to be bold or presumptuous," he stated, "but you didn't look sick this morning."
"What?" I asked.
"You didn't look sick," he said, and then paused for a moment. "That look you had on your face this morning. Remember? I've seen that look before--on my wife when we play in our bedroom."
I realized then that he knew everything. He knew from the beginning that he caught me having an orgasm. I wasn't sure how to respond. I was afraid if I explained the truth that I would be fired, yet I couldn't lie again, so I tempered my response the best I could.
"Okay, I wasn't sick," I said. "It is embarrassing, but it is these jeans that I wore today--they are a little tight in the right places, if you know what I mean."
"I'm a guy," said Nathan, "so I'm not totally familiar with what was going on, but I could tell that you were experiencing some enjoyment."
He paused again, as though he was waiting for a response. I could not muster another word, and the silence between us hung heavily in the air. "Come around here for a moment," he said, motioning me to go around to his side of the desk.
I got up and complied. After I made my way towards his side of the desk, Nathan swung his chair in my direction. His pants and briefs were down to his ankles. I had not been able to tell that his pants were down from the other side of the desk, so seeing this was quite a shock. His thick, vein-laden cock was half-erect and had a sizeable glob of milky-clear precum on its tip. His large testicles, which hung from his frame like melons whose seeds were ripe and ready to be planted, rested on the seat of the chair.
"I like your jeans," he said quietly yet firmly, as he began stroking his thick member. "But I think it would be wise for you to work some overtime tonight."

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