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Live From The Heart - An Important Message For Mankind

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I started watching this and couldn't stop. In fact, I transcribed key points that stood out to me and I've shared below. She put into words what I've been clumsily trying to express for the last year or so:

"Instead of living in fear, the grandfathers are telling us to start living from the heart, because the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. If we start being love we get the answers of our to save our planet..."

I feel so strongly that those who are willing to have an open heart must gather to create new ways of being and doing. I'm not a scientist and can't imagine creating new technology to heal the earth; HOWEVER, I CAN imagine gathering many souls with focused intent, and with that focused intent brilliant innovations and breakthroughs can find their way. It's not only a matter of dealing with the matters at hand (sustainable communities, food, shelter)...but through love we can also truly be innovative, we can be visionaries in order to heal our planet and move forward.

Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother, one of the 12 young Shaman wisdom keepers to establish the "Tribe of many colors" recently was on a European Tour spreading her message on how to start living from the heart. She also speaks about our ancestors, the pole shift, where the extraterrestrials are hiding and what we can do to change our world and heal Mother Earth. This is a 25 minutes summary of her workshop in Zurich, Switzerland of early November 2010. Two shorter videos on 2012 and various subjects will be published soon. The workshop was held in two languages (English with German translation) but we compiled for you only the English original.

Here are excerpts, and often single sentences, I transcribed from the video (emphasis mine):

We must have a relationship with our Mother Earth. She is your mother. It is a universal law that Mother Earth is sacred to all beings, and it is a universal law that Mother Earth will go on but that humanity will be removed before we kill Her. So now we realize how important the next couple of years are. The poles are already shifting. She will be reborn, but if we wish to go with her, we must starting living from the heart. The more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. This is our only chance. This is real.


Instead of living in fear, the grandfathers are telling us to start living from the heart, because the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. If we start being loved we get the answers of our to save our planet and we get to stay... Right now we have no answers on how to heal the wounds on mother earth, but we can get the answers if we start living from our hearts and not our brains. It is not another generation of people that were chosen to be on this planet now. You were chosen. It is said that we are the strongest of strong souls ever to be on planet earth.... Each and every one of us were born to a world of man-made rules and man-made religion, and now we must say, "We want more." There is more. The only way we change ourselves and save ourselves is if we remember who we are.

On religion and disagreeing with others' way of life:

My grandfathers told me one day, "It is none of your business what other people think of you." Living from ego is the wrong way to live. Only ego separates you from God. Leaders took your power away from you. No one has a right to tell you whether you are worthy of God or not.

We are being asked to stop living from the mind and ego and to start living from the heart once again.

The biggest wound is that we do not love ourselves. It is the biggest wound on Planet Earth.

We are living on the greatest time of Mother Earth's history and we have the ability to change the world we live in. All we are asked to do is BE LOVE.

When you live from love, everything changes. With love you remember who you are. With love you do not judge anyone else. By being love you change the world consciousness from mind to heart. Love really is the answer.

For thousands of years the ancient cultures talked about a people to come to the planet, to change the existence and way of being on the planet. The tribe of many colors. All indigenous cultures are saying we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Now humanity has a choice. We stay as we are and be removed or we remember who we are and learn from love.

It's very easy to live from the heart. It's the most simple thing we can be asked to do. All of us can get to the space of having our hearts opened. Be in that state for a little while, even five minutes a day.

Change consciousness into the heart state. World consciousness is a real thing, it's an energy.

Right now the world is operating under mind consciousness. Love energy is 10 times more potent than hate energy. It only takes one-third of the population living from love to change all consciousness.

Right now we go to the mind, but we should be making our decisions by the heart, by feelings. As consciousness starts to change from mind to heart, we all go together.

As heart consciousness grows heavier, it takes the place of mind consciousness. It's not about going and DOING anything. We do not have to DO anything to change our world. We are asked to simply BE love. Sitting in that conscious state of giving the world your love, it heals.

(Edit to add that she said the star people is "hiding" within the special needs community.) Regarding star people / star family:

Our mentally disabled are sacred. They are thrown away and yet more beloved than any others on this planet. They are here to hold a high vibration. How will you treat someone who looks so different from you? The only reason they don't step forward is because we fear them. They come and wish to come to teach us, not to solve our problems. They want to walk beside us and help us. We must not fear them.

We must BE LOVE.


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