Goal is to promote clarity for millions of women around the world who live under the oppressive Patriarchal labels such as “whore”, “tramp” and "slut" when we seek to embrace our sexual potential. These stigmas imprison our sexuality so that we cannot share our gifts with the world – the healing power of the female orgasms. There are women who choose to be sexless and discard the biological reality of Creator's design for the clitoris. There is no right or wrong, just personal preference and we all go through different stages. This site serve to help those who truly want to and enjoys sensuality yet struggle with the concept of sin and guilt; this site serve as an educational basis to promote exploration in a healthy way. True health is total health; it must embody all subsystems of the physical, psychological and the spiritual.

The Female orgasm:
When orgasms are expressed in conjunction with aligned spirituality, our immune system grow stronger and our body more resistant to cancer and diseases. We will be filled with feeling of abundance and our orgasms if kept up can roll into continuous peaks and valleys of types and intensities, expanded and extended beyond our wildest dreams.

Healing powers:
We holds the key to the highest form of sexual bliss and its healing powers; we are also totally responsible for our own pleasure because each woman is unique. Women after each orgasm retains her sexual energy and recycle to ride a higher wave of the next while never dropping below the plateau phase. Accessing her Three Water Gates, each field of energy becomes more and more powerful until she reaches total bliss - that's when her pineal gland can be activated and physical healing happens to her and her partner. When men respects women for her gifts in the sexual domain, men will reap the rewards of replenishing his lost energy and last longer while experiencing more pleasure than he thought possible.

Lesbian sex:
Sex between two women can be the most beautiful and spiritually satisfying experience on Earth. Just because you havee lesbian fantasies or are engaging in lesbian sex does not mean you are a lesbian; you may be perfectly straight romantically and there are scientific evidence to confirm this. This site was created to enlighten and entertain on that subject. Biblical reference to homosexuality of the original Greek "arsenokoitai" says nothing about lesbian sex, grossly mistranslated through personal bias. Many cultures around the world share similar views - sex between males are typically frown upon but sex between females are readily accepted. We must ask the question, Why? Why cultures so diversely different share such a common trait? Are we genetically built to respond in this way? Over 3,000 years of studies into all aspects of sexuality, ancient Chinese doctors blessed sex to be a natural and healthy activities between women as an option.

Men and zinc:
Women's yin energies are like water and oceanic tides, abundant and ever enduring. Thus her physical strength is not depleted like men's yang energies; male energy rises quickly, annihilates itself with the release of zinc containing semen and zinc is a rare and costly element to replace for men; he can even shorten his lifespan by 20 years if he keeps depleting his life force if he doesn't find some ways to replenish them. This site teaches men just how to do that. Men can learn multiple energy orgasm recycling technique that allows him to get a glimpse of what it’s like to experience higher states of ecstasy that can last hours similar to women.

Love yourself.
Know thyself.

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