Bracli Pearl Thongs


A story about a woman's experience on the pleasures of Bracli Pearl Thong.
It had been a busy day at the office and I was glad to be home albeit for a short respite. I was due at the product launch for a client in about two hours. As I opened the door, I was delighted to see a small package with my name on it lying on the table. There was a Japanese stamp on it and I knew it had to be from my beautiful Japanese lover.
I excitedly unwrapped the small brown package. Inside the small parcel was a neatly folded piece of paper and underneath it a bubble wrapped envelope. I contemplated ripping open the bubble wrapped envelope, dying to find out what was inside but decided to read the letter first.
Dear Akemi,
I hope this letter finds you well and in good happiness. I have sent you a small gift for your pleasure. I too have one and I love the way it feels on me and also the way it makes me feel. A small word of warning. It can make you very wet so I sometimes wear a small pantsu on top so my juice don't flow all over my thighs.
Kenji and I think of you often, but not as often as I alone thinking of you. Thankyou for your e-mails and please continue to write.
Love long and often!
Your friend
Asuka Matsuda
It was nice to read Asuka's letter written in near perfect English. I missed her accent though and I smiled quietly to myself as I re-read the letter, pronouncing the words like she would have, feeling my excitement level increase. My fingers trembled slightly as I picked up the bubble wrapped envelope and ripped it open. I shook the contents out and I gasped as my eyes set upon a black, lacy garter with a string of pearls running down the front and back. The front had two strings of pearls running down the front which merged into a single string of pearls at the back. It was a pearl thong! I had only ever seen such a garment in an episode of Sex and The City.
I fingered the garment gently, feeling the soft, sexy lace of the garter. For a moment I contemplated ripping off the panties I was wearing to try on this lovely present from Asuka but decided that there was a time and place for everything. I would wear it tonight!
The present from Asuka lifted my spirits considerably. I danced into the shower and luxuriated in the hot needles of water spraying my body. I scrubbed myself clean, paying special attention to my pussy which was thick with cream from reading Asuka's letter. Thinking of my Japanese lover always made me gush – without fail. As I lathered my hairy pussy, a thought struck me. I was far too hairy to wear the pearl thong! The beads might pull at my hairs and I really didn't want that.
I picked up my shaver and very carefully started to shave myself. I had only ever shaved my hairs once before and truth be told, I had been shaved by someone. It had done in my university days when I had bought a new bikini. My room-mate had tried to help me shave my pubes and to shape it but had made such a mess that she had shaved me completely bald. She had caused quite a few nicks as well and I hadn't really enjoyed how my mound had burned for a few days.
I watched, fascinated, as my hairs fell off me in clumps. Razor technology had increased over the years and with the green moisturising strip on top of the razor coupled with the double blade, my pussy was smooth as silk in no time. It was actually very erotic shaving myself and I could feel myself sticky and damp, all the way inside of me. I squatted on the floor as I sprayed the shower all over my pussy, cleaning myself up. I ran the razor once more over my mound to clean up the tiny hairs that I had missed.
Patting myself dry, I stepped out of the shower and looked myself over in the mirror. My nipples were hard and erect with the excitement of shaving myself. I looked down at my bald pussy and was surprised to see how thick and swollen my vulva was. It looked like a camels toe only the lips stuck out seductively. The thickness and swelling was only obvious since there was no longer any briary patch covering it. There was a glistening of moisture between the folds of my lips – the evidence of how turned on I was.
Briefly, I considered touching myself to bring myself off, but a quick look at the clock told me I needed to rush. I sat on the bed and pulled on the pearl thong. The lace garter was so soft as it wrapped around my hips. I adjusted it around myself, ensuring that the pearls fit snugly in both my cracks. I was feeling so kinky and sexy wearing the pearl thong. It was an amazing feeling. The garters made me feel like I was wearing a pair of knickers but the cool breeze wafting at my bare pussy and ass told me otherwise.
I got off the bed and walked to my wardrobe, feeling the pearls move against me as I walked. The feeling was delicious and I remembered Asuka's warning to wear a pair of panties over the thong to absorb the moisture. I decided to ignore her advice and rather to pack a pair of panties in my handbag – just in case.
I looked through my wardrobe wondering what to wear. The product launch was being held at an upmarket nightclub. "Hmm, maybe 'smart slutty' is the way to go." I laughed to myself, having a go at that silly 'smart casual'. What the hell was smart casual anyway.
With 'smart slutty' in mind, I reached for one of my favourite cocktail dresses. It was black (surprise, surprise!) and figure hugging but flared out at my hips to about three inches above my knee. What I especially liked about this dress was the top. The dress had a thin collar around the neck which gave it the effect of a choker. The collar held up sheer organza like netting that ran all the way down to the bosom of the dress as well as to the back. Black lace covered the armholes and all around to where the sheer netting met the solid black material of the dress. It was an extremely sexy dress and it set off my figure brilliantly.
I pulled it on and adjusted my breasts into the moulded underwire of the dress. This dress needed a half cup bra or else the cups would show through the sheer netting. I opted to go bra-less as the underwire more than gave me enough support and I loved how people would often talk to my breasts when I wore this dress. I also loved how my breasts would lightly bounce and jiggle as I walked, especially if I wore heels – and I was definitely planning on heels tonight.
A light lipstick and mascara finished off my look and I stared back at my reflection admiringly. I looked hot and I felt just as hot! I grabbed my handbag and stuffed a pair of white cotton panties into it, remembering Asuka's warning again. Satisfied that I had everything, I gave myself another quick look over before leaving my home.
I opted to walk to the party as it was only about 8 blocks away. Not too far but by no means near either. It was a cool night and I would be able to save on taxi fare. Taxi's were sooo expensive these days. In retrospect, it may have been better to take a taxi as my pearl panty drove me almost delirious as I walked! Still, it was a great experience and by the time I had finished the 8 blocks, I was perspiring – and it wasn't due to the exertion!
Each step I took caused the twin strands to rub along my vulva. After about two blocks, the twin strands seemed to clamp on my clit while the rest of it merged into one and slid along my gash. I was soaking and the cool air swept against my bare crotch, causing extra tingles not just on my pussy, but all over my body. I was fortunate that the cool air also served to evaporate my juices quickly or I would have had them running down my thighs.
By the time I reached the nightclub, I had to lean against the door for support as I caught my breath and calmed myself down. I quickly found my way into the ladies room. The reflection looking back at me from the mirror showed a very flushed face and my eyes had a glassy look about them. God I was so horny!
I washed and dried my face, giving it some semblance of order before walking back out. My pussy was already screaming for some attention and each step just seemed to exacerbate things further. As I made my way to the bar, my ass took on a wiggle all of its own as I tried to ignore the beads rubbing all over my steaming pussy. It didn't help in any way that the club was filled with beautiful people – both guys and gals.
My mind was no longer on the product launch and I was thankful that I didn't have to do anything. Everything had already been arranged and it was only my presence that was needed – just to show support. I had already been sighted by several of the executives from the client and I had even smiled and waved at the CEO; evidence enough that I had attended the launch. Everything seemed to be going well and in no time the confetti was flowing out of the confetti cannon and white ice smoke billowed through the room. The launch was over and now there was no need to worry about anything and I could focus on having a good time.
"Oh well done Vi!" smile Tim Brewster, one of the senior executives as he put his arm around me. "The launch was fab! So exciting."
Tim was drop dead gorgeous and I would have fucked him silly without any hesitation. There was only one problem. He was gay. I wouldn't even have minded fucking him if he was bi but that was not the case. Oh well.
"Thanks Tim." I smiled as I leaned forward to kiss him on both cheeks. "A lot of work went into this and I'm glad it turned out so well."
"It was really, really fab. I'm sure the company will be absolutely delighted." Tim gushed, "and don't you look fab too!"
Tim gave me the once over and his eyes settled on my chest for a brief second before focusing on my eyes again.
"Hey there Tim!" said a tall, dark man in an expensive looking suit.
"Jarell! My man!" Tim responded and offered his hand. Jarell took Tim's hand but his eyes stayed focused on me.
"Good to see you Tim. Nice launch. Congratulations!" Jarell said. He had a soft, pleasant smile on his lips and although he was obviously talking to Tim, his gaze stayed right on me.
"Oh, don't congratulate me, she did all the work." Tim offered. "Vi, this is Jarell."
"Hello.' I said rather demurely as I stuck out my hand. Jarell grasped it firmly and gave it a light shake as I felt his eyes look me over.
"The pleasure is all mine." He said in a thick voice that had a strange accent to it that I hadn't noticed earlier. My hands seemed tiny in his as he pulled me softly toward him. "Dance?" he said, more as a statement than a question. He didn't even wait for an answer as he led me to the dance floor. We chatted softly as we walked to the dance floor and I found out he was originally from Kenya. That explained his accent.
I found myself enjoying his company as we danced slowly. I moved myself closer to him and swayed my hips more seductively. His hands circled my waist and his hips gyrated softly against mine, in time with the music. If walking had made me flustered earlier, dancing was driving me insane! The pearls teased and prodded me vagina. I felt the hard beads pressing against my clit and my ass hole simultaneously. My gash was stimulated along the whole length and my lips wanted to suck those beads in. It didn't help that Jarell's hands were kneading softly against my ass cheeks, his fingers dipping ever so surreptitiously under my swaying dress to lightly tease my buns.
I was gushing now and I could feel my pussy was slick with juice. I was glad I was wearing a black dress as I knew as soon as I sat down, a damp spot would show up. Suddenly I remembered the spare panties I had brought along and I leaned up to whisper into Jarell's ear. He mistook my actions and kissed me long and hard. His tongue worked into my mouth and I returned his kiss hotly. I felt his tongue flick against mine and then he sucked hard on my tongue. It was the most amazing feeling ever and I was quickly panting, both out of passion and out of breath. I pushed him away and a trail of saliva joined our lips.
"Need to go to the ladies." I gasped out as I felt my juices starting to run down my thighs. Quickly I ran to the ladies and entered a cubicle. I fumbled with my handbag and pulled out my panties. I was so fucking horny it was unbelievable. I contemplated taking off the pearl thong but decided against it. They were way too much fun!
I lifted my skirt high, exposing my pussy. My thighs were already coated with juice and I used my panties to give myself a quick wipe. I then pulled the panties on, thankful that I had brought them along and thankful to my beloved Asuka for warning me. I touched up my lipstick and noticed that my nipples were poking out at my dress. It was dark outside anyway and no one would notice. Actually, didn't even care if anyone notices. I then practically ran back out, not wanting some other hussy to lay her hands on Jarell.
I got sight of him and caught my breath at how good he looked. I wouldn't say that he was terribly handsome. Rather, there was an animalistic , stud like aura about him. His dark, black skin shone and his bald head was extremely sexy. His suit only set of his superb physique rather than masked it.
There were already two sluts chatting him up but as soon as he caught sight of me, he excused himself and came over to me.
"Wanna blow this scene babe?" he asked in his oh so sexy accent. I was so horny that I although I heard him perfectly well, in my head it sounded like 'wanna blow my prick?"
"Yes!" I answered him and realised almost immediately that I sounded like a virgin schoolgirl about to be fucked for the first time. "That would be nice, its kinda crowded in here." I added, trying to maintain some semblance of cool. His hand went to the small of my back and slowly guided me out. As walked, I felt his hand slip lower until his hand was cupping my ass and kneading it softly. That only served to heighten my lust.
The panties that I now wore pressed the beads even more firmly into my sex and anus. The kneading of my butt only served to twirl the beads around me further and each step I took was driving me further and further into sexual oblivion. I felt like the little mermaid where each step she took was like a knife cutting into her. Mine was more like jolts of electricity stabbing into my pussy and I absolutely loved it!
Jarell led me to his car, a BMW Roadster I was told. He let the top of the car down, making us the envy of all the onlookers. I imagined what we must look like; a tall, obviously well of black man, with a gorgeous looking hussy all over him, getting into an expensive, sexy looking car. An image fit for the movies. Jarell opened the car doors for me and I made an effort to splay my legs as I got in. I'm sure there were many more people other than Jarell that got a look at my white panties under my black dress. The fact that I was flashing made me even more turned on than I already was; something that even I found hard to believe.
Jarell did a wheel spin as he sped out of the parking lot, making those that weren't already watching turn to look. He turned and flashed me a quick grin before slowing down in traffic. With one hand on the wheel, his other hand moved to my thigh and slowly lifted the hem of my dress higher. I covered his hand with mine and he stopped briefly, turning to give me a quizzical look. I smiled back at him and gave his hand a quick squeeze before moving his hand further up my thigh. His face broke into a large smile and he raised my dress higher, almost to the point where it barely covered my pussy. His hand brushed lightly up and down against my thigh, caressing it softly.
A soft gasp escaped from my mouth as I responded to his touches. No words were exchanged as he expertly teased my thighs all the way down to my knees and then back up again, stopping just below my pussy. I slid lower down in the seat, urging him to touch my weeping sex but he seemed to enjoy teasing me. Finally his hands reached the garters of my panties and he worked his way toward my slit. Suddenly his hands stopped.
"God! You're soaking!" he cried out. "Did I do that to you?"
"Umm...a little" I moaned back, "but not exactly all your doing."
Again he gave me that quizzical look. A look that I found so enchanting. I grabbed his hand and pulled it over my mound, pressing it down. His fingers felt the beads under my panties and his eyes grew wide.
"What's that?" he asked softly.
"'s a bead thong." I replied, almost embarrassed. "That's what's made me so wet....."
I have expected him to laugh or to say something cheesy. Instead he just smiled.
"Sexy. Very sexy. A woman who knows what she wants."
We had stopped at a traffic light and a large semi-trailer slowly drew up beside us. I looked up to see the driver peering down at me.
"Take it off. Take the panties off." He said, in a slightly commanding voice. I wasn't sure if I liked his tone of voice but I was so turned on and the thought of flashing again was inciting me.
Slowly I raised my ass slightly and making sure my dress still covered my pussy, I peeled my panties off. I could feel how wet they were, the panties were damp almost to the sides. I must have been really soaked. I lifted my legs out of my panties and passed them to him, keeping my eyes off the driver of the semi-trailer beside me. I new he was looking and I wondered if his cock was hard in his pants.
Jarell took my panties from me and made a show of sniffing them. He placed them on his nose and inhaled deeply before placing them on the steering wheel. The light turned green just as he did so and Jarell sped off again. The semi-trailer driver gave two resounding blasts of the horn as if to say thankyou as we sped off.
"I might leak on your seat." I said, more as something to say and also as a matter of fact. I really didn't want to spoil this man's lovely car.
"Nothing a good cleaner wont fix." He laughed. "And besides, the car may smell better." He picked up my panties again and sniffed on it deeply. "I love the smell of a woman. Especially a hot and horny woman. These are sooo wet!"
I watched as he stuffed my panties into his suit pocket. I was a little surprised that he had enjoyed sniffing my panties so much. Was panty sniffing a universal thing? Did ALL men love to sniff panties? Or was I just lucky to find the right men...?
"Back in Kenya, do the women there get so wet too?" I asked
The quizzical look game back again before he smiled softly.
"In Kenya, in fact most of Africa, the men like their women tight and dry." He explained. "So those that get wet easily sometime use special herbs and powders to keep themselves dry."
"What about you?" I asked fascinated. "Do you like it wet or dry."
"I like them both." He laughed. "Especially when the woman is as hot as you. But my preference is for dry. Its really an amazing feeling - even for the woman."
His hands moved back to my pussy and he teased the beads as his fingers dipped into me. I groaned and thrust my hips against his probing fingers as I felt a long awaited orgasm start to ripple through my body. His fingers were doing magic and he used the beads to rub against my clit as he finger fucked me. I bit my lower lip and mewled loudly as my body tensed and shuddered in climax. It was a small orgasm but still a well needed release. But it wasn't enough. I was so horny!
"You have to fuck me!" I cried out.
"Soon. We're almost home." He replied calmly.
It was true, hardly a few minutes later, he pulled into the car park of a luxury condominium. All the time, his fingers were still in me, teasing me and keeping my lust level at an optimum.
We practically ran upstairs to his apartment and almost as soon as we entered, he had peeled my dress off me.
Jarell whistled as he saw me in my naked form. Naked - except for the black lacy garter holding up the pearls in my bald crotch. I looked down and saw that the beads were glistening with my juices.
The story brought to you from Literotica.

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