Christmas 2010 Specials

1. Thighsqueezing Story - "She told me how she could do it pretty much anywhere she could be seated; during classes, on benches, at work, at the mall, in restaurants; anywhere! She told me how if she was really horny she could cum in just about three or four minutes, or if she wanted to really enjoy herself she could stretch it out for hours and spend the whole day just cumming and cumming. I was so excited to be in on this with her"

2. Live From The Heart - "Review on Tue Nov-16-10 11:41 AM by OneGrassRoot... I started watching this and couldn't stop. In fact, I transcribed key points that stood out to me and I've shared below. She put into words what I've been clumsily trying to express for the last year or so"

3. Video - Sensual feminine girls who love to have sex with other sensual feminine girls - speaking from the heart. The idea that lesbians are masculine butch who are undeseriable by men is long gone. The world that we live in, Patriach is dying and legions of new arriving souls is teaching the world to live from the heart, with love being the answer to all.

Pure expression of love after a long, love session

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Christmas 2010 Lesbian Videos Specials

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