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by sexgoddess

Women have a secret.

Women can enjoy A Paradise of Endless Sexual Indulgence to put it bluntly.

Men's orgasm ends in total energy drain. Watching a women go through that many orgasms is actually a turn off for some because they simply do not understand and probably don't want to understand. In their dull mind, it looks painful and tiring to say the least. Again, this is another example of the devastating negative effect in our Patriarchal society.

Not all men are this way. Some men loves women deeply and desire to learn all there is to know to pleasure them. These sensitive men observe the serial orgasms women go through with curiosity and jealousy. They often wish they too could experience such intense, engrossing and prolong pleasure that women are gifted with. These men are keepers and they will benefit by learning about the divine feminine energy that gives them vitality and life.

Men's sex organ is level 1 (spinal base) in chakra system. Women's sex organs are actually level 2 (stomach) in chakra system. Women's orgasms are more spread out evenly in the form of endless energy orgasms spread throughout the body rather than localized on a particular location. Granted, clitoris, vagina, uterus and stomach and leg muscles contracts but the energy is moving throughout the body in a more lively way than men's. It's more powerful, last longer and insanely many folds more pleasurable over men's.

Most men are egotistic. Porn ending with ejaculation is a lack of respect for the female Yin. Respect Yin and men will become stronger and more vitalized than ever before. Disrespect the Yin and men will die young, lack energy, and overall sick in health and flooded with diseases. and are two of the best modern sites that focus on the pleasure of women. They respect the power of the Yin in the most revered manner. Granted, some of these women may not study or understand the philosophy behind the Yin but doesn't matter. They love pleasuring themselves and other girls - eventually all the water gates will open after so many orgasms. The orgasms portrayed are some of the best examples of Kundalini energy orgasms. Minimal and light physical contact creating the most explosive and powerful serial orgasms.

See clit induced kundalini energy orgasms. link1 and link2
See g-spot fisting orgasms here.
See clitoris contractions here no physical touch.
See multiple orgasms non-stop, then one massive over the top finale. here.

In Asia, the ideal porn actress today is Risa Murakami. She is the perfect example of the ideal woman who has good looks, healthy body and totally in tune with her sexual potentials and totally enjoys the divine feminine energy of the Shakti. Her video clips will be posted here soon.

The clitoris is actually BIGGER than the penis.

When a woman unlocks her 3-stage water gates, she will experience the infinite power of Kundalini Shakti energy cycling through her body to create healing for herself and the world.

There is nothing more beautiful than the orgasmic potentials in a female human body. The pleasures are beyond anything describable for its depth, varieties and longevity of. Orgasms not only feels good but it's physically healthy to burn calories, sweat out toxins, and increase metabolism. Ever wonder why some women eat alots yet slim? They'll even boldly admit they're lazy and don't work out at the gym, pretending not to know the real reasons. But you'll be surprised, what activities they do that maintain their metabolism at such a high level.

Different Types of Female Orgasm by Yvonne Fulbright.

Orgasms are the most intense and pleasurable experience any one can have. For human's most pleasurable experience, women got it all in straight flushes and spades. More than 50% of women can have sequential multiples (multiple orgasm separate by mere minutes). Contrary to what marketing information tries to sale men on the internet, 0.01% of men if not near non-existent have actually achieved these incredible feats due to lack of any statistical data on how many men could achieve multiples. Many experts will claim male multiples are possible and certainly they do exist but what they don't tell you is just how paltry the percentages are. In addition to these paltry statistics, male Sequential Multiples are unnaturally achieved by self control through PC muscle while women could enjoy their multiples with wanton abandon, savoring extremely powerful contractions without fear of failure and loose themselve completely into each one. Women don't need to focus on control or anything of that distraction, they only need to focus on their own pleasure and all the wonderful textures of their orgasmic flutters and sweet contractions. By saying men can also have multiple orgasms is totally distorting this truth:

Women are genetically designed physically for sexual pleasure as their primary attribute while men are for strength.

In addition, for non-multiply orgasmic men, after the first initial ejaculation, if persists to have a second or third ejaculation is harmful to a man's body according to three thousands years of Chinese study into the sexualogy. Many examples of past king dies young - having too much sex with concubines - as a pattern of such correlation between ejaculations and longevity of a man's lifespan due to depletion of chi energy. Professional atheletes understands this very important concept - although they may not fully understand - to refrain from sexual activities a night or two before a major Olympics or world championships competition for it may reduce their physical performance and stamina.

Women on the other hand, has no such problem as she is built for pleasure as her primary physical attribute, including Serial Multiples as mentioned above, naturally and healthily. In fact, the more orgasms a female body experiences, the more healthy physically they become. Psychologically that'll depend on how one takes this pleasurable pastime not to affect relationships and activies such as work.

In addition, women's capacity for sexual pleasure and choices given to them to achieve orgasms in public are incredible. The clitoris serve no other purpose than to provide female with sexual pleasure. Men are unable to claim one organ in their body that does not have a role to play in self preservation or reproductive purpose. Male penis during erection gives unwanted attention in public, unless one wishes to deliberatly show off, which is rare and is more of a disadvantage than anything. Imagine having a full hard-on yet unable to masturbate right then and there to provide relief, exacerbating blue-ball syndrome. Women have no such problem because of the strategically placed clitoris between the legs which are genetically designed to be small even at full erection. What's more incredible is during orgasm, the clitoris actually retracts into the hood by design to lessen the very sensitive head so continuous orgasms is made even more possible without overloading the sensors.

During thigh squeezed induced orgasms, the engorged clitoris will pulse and throb continually, slipping between the wet lips from the pressure on the squeezing thighs - creating this indescribable euphoric highs during the sweestest and most powerful contractions. The fear of being discovered, the efforts made to be discreet to not move or make a sound, multiplies the pleasure. Thigh squeeze orgasms makes this fetish voyager the ever more addictive due to the amount of endorphin your body generates.

Many lucky women have naturally protruded clitoris and there is no need for pearl beads or clit-rings. Crossing their legs naturally is often times more than enough. Others have pierced clit hoods, they alternate putting them on and taking them off. The sensation will be intense when clit-ring is on and this habit serves to prevent desensitizing the clitoris from constant stimulation.

In addition, clitoris contains more than twice the nerve ending than penis. From one internet responder who has just watched a documentary on TLC on clitoris said, "I must say it's impressive. Honestly, I love the clitoris, because it helps elevate things even more -- Nearly to the point of insanity. If only the penis' head had as many nerve endings -- Sex would be even more pleasurable for men."

Bracli from Spain.

Further stimulation is possible in public. Popular items such as ben-wa balls, wireless vibrators and dildos can be inserted inside the vagina, without anyone knowing. During the sweestest and most intense thigh squeeze orgasms in public, the deep powerful contractions on these objects within the walls of the fluttering vagina can be immensely pleasurable in a deeper way. These deeper g-spot orgasms increase in intensity from orgasm to the next, if unabated, might roll into a continuous orgasm or serial orgasms, one cresting over another. These types of orgasms typically are only capable by women.

We just covered that women are genetically built for sexual pleasure and their capacity far exceeds men's, women are also visually more sexually appealing. Genetically speaking, men have 1-to-1 ratio of torso to leg in height. Women generally have 2-to-1 ratio with smaller and shorter torso. Leg is defined up to the widest part of the hip (femur joint). Wearing high heels, some seems to have almost a 3-to-1 ratio like some cosmopolitan models.

The tight denim short above is not only sexually attractive but serves a purpose. During and after the most intense orgasms in public, the smartly designed darkened area will camaflouge the damp soaked wet area as one could not tell by the nature of its original color. If more wetness oozes down, it'll come down on the thigh area - which you can easily wipe off using your hand or a hankerchief. If similar color were to be on a full length jeans, one would suspect of unnaturalness of the darken jeans color running the full length of the jean but this tight denim short is a woman's best secret.

When a man and a woman wearing no high heels stands at same height, the leg of the woman is unquestionably longer than the man. The curvature of a woman's contours, from breast, to slim waist line, to larger hip oozes sexuality. Physically, women has more percentage of her body mass built for sexual pleasure and reproductive purposes than men.

Although there are very handsome men in this world but majority of the most beautiful humans on earth are female. Estrogens are responsible for many of the physical attributes that we consider beautiful universal, such as silky smooth skin -- not to mention the physical genetic design already in place.

Additional Facts:

1. Highly charged sexual libido women loves orgasms and think about sex more often than even the horniest men.

2. Women can be insatiable - meaning, after one orgasm, she often craves more, creating this endless cycle of lust that she just can't seem quench - limited only by her energy level. This insatiable sexual desire is a deep primal need, few men understands - only by observation but not fully understand why. Therefore, in the morning after a full night's rest is ideal for marathon orgasmic sessions. G-spot multiples often increases in intensity with each successive orgasm, if repeated enough will roll into one long serial orgasms with wave after wave of pleasures washing over the entire body that feels so very good, one must experience it to truly appreciate all the wonderful textures.

3. Women can be sexually aroused all day at a very high level because even a series of powerful thigh squeeze orgasms only increases her desire even more. This may not always be the case but for those women during that time of the month when their sexual libido are unquenchable, they learn to cope with being a sexual wanton being, walking around all day out of habit. Many run to restroom constantly throughout the day for those that cannot achieve orgasms through thigh squeeze alone. Some are so sensitive during this period, they have to wear baggy pants or loose skirt with absolutely the minimal stimulations, including sound - otherwise will overload their sensors at an inconvenient times.

4. Homosexual fantasies are many times more common in heterosexual women than do among heterosexual men. Reason: sex between women can be just for lust gratification. Sex between men almost always pre-requisite that their sexual orientation be homosexual before they even contemplate having gay sex. To majority of heterosexual men, just the thought of gay sex with another men is a grossly a repulsive idea that turn off their sex drive the minute they think about it or see it by accident on the web. Heterosexual men love beautiful feminine females, they do not like to see gross penis and hairy balls. Extremely handsome and sexy men, with clean shaven skin do lower the gross reaction. The point here is - women are built to be sexually attractive while men are not unless you're a gay men who only desire men.

5. Lesbians exists in many forms. Masculine-masculine, masculine-feminine, or feminine-feminine. The most visually stimulating are two feminine real lesbians having sex, kissing, making love for hours and hours, having endless orgasms after orgasms, with their body temperatures burning, interwine with each other in total bliss and ecstasy.

Other forms of extremely intense, female sexual pleasure will be covered later. Topics on methods such as deep anal play with clitorical massage, fisting orgasms, BDSM Forced-O, and G-spot induced Serials (10-15mins nonstop) alternating with clitoris induced Serials (10-15mins nonstop) back to G-spot induced Serials, until she's fully satisfied.


Last but not least, let's covered the spiritual aspect that really drove me to create this site. Often times, in order to convey a bigger picture, one must choose one topic that will attract people's attention. Believe it or not, accepting the facts or not, sex do sell and sell tons.

Quoting from this report "It’s big business. The pornography industry has larger revenues than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix combined. 2006 Worldwide Pornography Revenues ballooned to $97.06 billion". That is in 2006, who knows what it stands now in 2010!

Without condoning or condemning the porn industry, I personally find dis-taste in the majority of the porn that's been created, mostly for men. Porn industry has been for the most part - a quick money making for majority of the business out there. The quality of porn is directly reflected of the quality of audience that enjoys them, men. I must admit, extremely lacking in erotic content and mostly the bang-bang thank you mam mentality.

Until we can raise our vibration higher, educating women and men alike - to respect and better understand the mystique regarding female sexual response and incredible potentials - the quality of erotic content will be a rehash of yesterdays. Majority of the lesbian porn today is so much worse than 10-15 years ago. Why? Because back then, you either have to be a hardcore lesbian lover to act in a lesbian scene because it wasn't a "cool thing". Nowadays women do it not because they love it, they do it for money, and you can really tell there is no sexual energy present in majority of the loud and hollering fake lesbian sex. There are few truly beautiful and feminine bi-sexual actress who are wonderful lesbian performers (Misty Rain and Felecia to name a few classics, modern bi who truly do it for the love of, not money, is Jenna Haze). These are the 1%, the 99% of the lesbian films out there today are basically trash. In the realm of BDSM, you'll find true hardcore bi actresses and is probably one of the only area that is truly worth mentioning.


I choose a niche topic - focusing on enlightment of female sexual pleasure and the discreet method one used to achieve orgasms as an attention getter. First, advances in the evolution of science in the physcial realm has been extraordinary in less than a century. However mankind's spiritual evolution has only just begun. Our perception of reality, our value systems, and the religions that imprison human minds and potential will see an evolutionary changes exponentially in the next hundred years.

Part of this great journey is to cast fear aside, from all social prejudice and judgement. What is beautiful, don't say it's dirty. Say it's beautiful! Not just saying that, live it! Not just live it, spread it to the ends of earth! What is pleasurable - admit it and pursue it with wanton abandon (no fear). Don't let religious dogma hinder your growth and awareness, don't let sublimal programmers install unhealthy messages within your subconscious - such as guilt and sin. Though this is one topic that will take a doctorate degree level course by course to really tear down the fabric of illusion. Fear has dominated mankind for far too long but we have come a long way. Be wary of religions in any shape or form that uses the instrument of fear in the name of God - to alter your action that your natural instinct would have chosen - that will make you happy and put a big smile on your face. Have you ever wonder what really happens when you die? We often wonder about that when we think of religions because most people believe our spirit will continue to live forever after this life. Yet 85% of the world religions, are taught to believe that prior to your mother giving you life and the spirit that is suppose to live on forever, no prior existence! Near Death Experiences (NDE)since the 1970's have discovered much detail of what happens after death and the details of their stories, is impressively similar - though they do not know each other and the age and sex are wide ranging. These NDE testimonials and books are everywhere, you can read them on your own. My job is to open the first crack in the door for the flood gate to come through. Learn to see all things, including sexual pleasures from the results, not the means to an end tagged by religious dogma. I urge you to put all conclusions I just made aside until I have a chance to give you a better introduction of your journey in true spiritual enlightment.

It is my sincere hope, we will all continue to evolve by raising our vibrational frequencies in each of us and as we are made aware of the messages from higher harmonics in the realms of higher dimensions, we will all naturally choose love and forgiveness over fear and control for all things. The Custodians of Earth has created all major religions from truly great prophets and messengers from God, by polluting it with un-truth with truth - so it becomes near impossible to discern what was the original message - meant for enlightment. The non-human beings, The Custodians of Earth, were given this planet as they see fit. They seek to control spiritual beings (us) at all cost to imprison us from spiritual liberation. Their fear is so strong, they'll use war, plagues, and all forms of fear of punishments to strangle us and choke us.

We must free ourselves from the fear of social rules created and polluted by Custodians of Earth who indirectly controls human elites of all forms of government since before even the last great Mayan age, written history. Let us begin by casting aside fear and judgment in order to truly be expressive of ourselves. We must be totally proud of who we are - with our bodies, with our minds and our spirits. We must fight the powers that be, that is suppressing our spiritual development; the wonderful world of and the hidden potential beauty and healing powers of female sexuality is just one of many examples that I could choose to get your attention. We must also fight for the feminization of men. We must fight for the masculization of women. We must live in harmony with nature similar to what American Indians always knew, without being taught. The Great Spirit, the laws of nature in which all life abides by. Let us remember who we once were, to know awesome value of what it is meant to live free - to know our purpose, to live out our dreams - that we are designed for - by our Creator.

We are subconciously programmed and artificially marketed to love and crave materialistic things - forever without end in sight. Why do majority of the hundreds of million dollar Lotto winner ends up in bankruptcy in a couple of years? You'll see whenever one doubles their income, they'll naturally want bigger and better houses - not knowing such actions, requires them to continue to work that takes up over 80% of their lives, to imprison their freedom - which is time. Why aren't we taught once we double our income, we should actually learn to live down by half our previous living standard so that one day 75% of the income could be use to save up to be creative toward the ideas of total financial independence? Majority of the working industrial countries have more than 80% of our waking conscious hours not really have the freedom to do the things we love to do.


Could any of you actually quit your job and go to Mexico and help the poor people build adobe houses - so you can really get to know the boys and girls who because of you help build their homes and schools - put a big smile on the face of their parents - knowing that you - yes you - forever alter their destiny forever. Majority of you could not do this type of altruistic for other human beings because you are shackled and programmed to act and do the bidding like a corn stalk to feed a higher organized crime against spiritual enlightenment. Once you're addicted to feeling joy and happiness by making another human being smile, you'll begin to wake from all the lies we have been sleeping in.

We must continue to grow, to love, to enjoy, and to cherish life as we know it.

We must live, not work.

We must love, not hate.

We must forgive, not forget.

We must let go, in order to become abundant.

We must learn to unlearn that which is taught, and relearn the Laws of Nature through relentless observation and personal experiments in the Laws of Nature.

<more to come...>

I do not like to say Take Care,

I rather say Take Risk,

by sexgoddess

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