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First, I like to thank everyone that has send me supportive letters regarding the creation of this site and the questions it raised and answered. Many women have asked me regarding sin and guilt and I created this page to help answer that.

On masturbation by Dr. Betty Dodson,

"This basic form of sexual expression has always been forbidden by the church fathers as a sin against God, but obviously it was so their flocks would multiple. More to the point these days is how Christian fundamentalists and conservative right-wing politicians have joined forces to take control of American's public and private lives. These best way to keep a population docile and easy to manipulate is to prohibit masturbation, insist on marriage and monogamy, without sex information and birth control, criminalize abortion and prostitution, condemn homosexuality, sensor sexuality explicit entertainment and deny the existence of sexual diversity. With a list like that, we're all sexual sinners. Most frightening of all is that what was just a minority of religious fanatics in the seventies is now one third of the vote according to a recent article in the New York Times."

"In spite of the bad rap pornography is getting, a larger number of women and couples are sharing sex-related entertainment, including going to porn movies, renting X-rated videos, buying sex books, calling party lines, exploring fetish wear, and buying adult toys from catalogs or sex shops to spice up both their masturbation and partnersex. No matter how much the government or religons try to repress this primal urge, they will never succeed. The pendulum will continue to swing in both directions, away from sex and then back again toward sex, which is what's happening now."


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Other interesting articles

1. Scientific observation of clitoris designed to have for female-female bonding

2. Common myth that animals do not (as a rule) have sex for pleasure are inconclusive.

Highlight points in written by Dr. Petter Hercules, M.D.

1. Civilization has been a patriarchal regime - devoted to male dominination of females. The issue at the core of the patriarchal is the sexual repression of women.

2. The bonobos, one of the closest genetic cousins to humans have a matriarchal culture, which results in a different approach to sexuality. Key characteristics is female bonding with females. Due to this bonding, males are unable to physically dominate females because any attempt to do so results in a male having to confront a collection of females that can overpower him.

3. Sexuality has been highly integrated into bonobos female sex positive culture so that it is commonly used as a means for conflict resolution.

4. Because the females have the capacity to experience significant sexual pleasure with their own sex, they do not see themselves as being dependent on males to obtain such pleasure.

5. Patriarchal male have ignored the females biological realities and have created a mythology regarding female sexuality. Things have degenerated to such a degree that a widespread perception was created that women were incapable of experiencing significant sexual pleasure and that their only interest in having sex at all was to trap a man into commitment. If this were true then why do men go to such lengths to control women's sexual behavior? Reality, of course is that this concept is a big lie.

6. Women actually have a greater sexual capacity than men and men are threatened by this fact. Biological reality indicates that a woman has a much greater capacity than a man for prolonged sex, multiple sexual partners, multiple orgasms, and greater intensity of sexual pleasure. She may not only have a greater capacity for all of this but also a greater need.

7. In addition, apart from female's greater endurance and fulfillment per sexual event, she also has the ability to engage more frequently both in the shorter and longer term - and men know this. Obviously, the male and female sexual patterns are not in sync. Realizing this, men have done everything in their power to dominate and repress the powerful female sexual force, thinking that they somehow would benefit by doing so.

8. The only males that benefit from such a strategy are losers, those who have low probability of reproducing in "free-market" sexual system. Highly desirable males will have no trouble finding high quality sexual partners and thus ensure their genes continuance.

9. Like the bonobos, to be effective, a very important aspect of female bonding should be physical in both a nonsexual as well as sexual manner. Bonding cannot be complete or effective without physical contact. It is fundamental to our nature to need touch for our nurturing and development.

10. To begin with, they have an understanding of their bodies and responses that enables them to anticipate and stimulate each other in a way that a man cannot match no matter how interested or skilled he may be. As a result, a woman may give another woman sexual pleasure of a greater duration, frequency, and intensity than she could have with a man. As one woman put it, "Sex with a man is nice but sex with a woman is incredible!" Women have the capacity for sexual play with each other that is not related to performance or ownership and not threatened by reproduction or the male post-ejaculatory state. Sex between women can be pure pleasurable fun - sex for sex's sake.(It merits stating that what is being referred to here is not a monogamous romantic lesbian sexual relationship (i.e. a same-sex version of a typical civilized male-female sexual relationship). Instead what is being presented is females simply bonding by sharing sexual pleasure.)

11. Experiencing this degree of sexual pleasure with another woman has many ramifications. First of all, the woman learns that hex`r body has the ability to have this more complete pleasurable experience, giving her a knowledge of her sexual potential. Just knowing that the potential for this feeling resides within her empowers her and attracts her to a pleasure oriented agenda.

In addition, having had this degree of pleasure gives her a standard to aim towards in any sexual encounter that she may have with either sex. Knowing that this pleasure came from an interaction with a woman frees her from the concept that she must have a man to experience sexual pleasure and thus gives her sexual options when dealing with the patriarchal system.

If she chooses to relate sexually with men, she will presumably do so with those that most closely help her approximate her previously experienced state of ecstasy, thus putting pressure on males to interact with her due to their ability to provide her with pleasure rather than by dominating her.

If she chooses to seek her sexual satisfaction with women either purely for reasons of pleasure or because of male-female sexual political issues she will not be unfulfilled sexually.

If she should choose to have a child, she can decide to have sex with males who most closely meet her genetic and pleasure agendas.

Having had her most intense sexual experiences with another woman will, of course, cement the links between these women and thus fulfill the basic requirement that makes the whole system work - bonding between females. This bonding, created at such a fundamental experiential level, can then be used to develop the capacity for sharing in terms of other life responsibilities to the extent that these women would need and wish.

12. With this structure in place, the potential for a pleasure oriented society can begin. In this society, women would be free to develop in every sense. Their healthy tremendous positive sexual energy would be at last unleashed for them to personally enjoy and share and to enhance their state of well-being.

Once males eventually learned that their attempts at enslaving female sexual energy were doomed due to the bonding of these physically connected females, they would begin to allow themselves to enjoy the pleasure that such a different approach to life could bring. As a result, virtually every aspect of human society would change.

Liberating female sexuality is the key not only to breaking the patriarchy but also to ending the whole anti-life regime of domination and its resultant zoo of civilization.

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