Riko Tachibana

So much pleasure a woman can self induce.
By Dr. Peter Hercules M.D "...The reality, of course, is that this concept is simply a big lie. Women actually have a greater sexual capacity than men and men are threatened by this fact. Biological reality indicates that a woman has a much greater capacity than a man for prolonged sex, multiple sexual partners, multiple orgasms, and greater intensity of sexual pleasure. She may not only have a greater capacity for all of this but also a greater need..."
Riding the seam of her jean (somewhat), relevant to Syntribate.com.
If all you want is to see a naked genital, this is the NOT the right place but maybe it's not a bad time to start your education. These pixilated video is meant for you to look for what's REALLY important --> the DEEPER energies that drive women wild and their powerful energetic under current similar to the continuous rise and fall of oceanic tidal waves. Focus on this video on every subtle movement, DO NOT TRY to fast forward but IMMERSE yourself as her, ENJOY every second, SAVOR the moment. 

Example: @ 03:24~25 there is a subtle clitorical orgasm rising and cresting over beautifully @ 03mins. 26 & 27 seconds (see her thigh shaking, her face to an angle, eyes shutting for a second; these subtle micro-orgasms runs repeately with little rest and even during non-orgasm, she is floating on sexual orgasmic high continuously). Later on as her orgasmic energy not dissapating but amplified over and over, you can hear her vagina "snapping" squeezing so hard, also see her uterine contraction throbbing uncontrollably.

Be attentive, so you can be a better lover of women, both men and women.

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