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extended multiple continuous girl girl orgasms

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"young pure and the perfect lovers for each other so very authentic and intense female lovemaking" - grovestreet.

"perfect lovers - determined to maximise each other's pleasure, seems almost wrong to watch and wank - only joking, no toys required - just fingers and tongues and pussies love the trib" - dasx2

"young, pure and so very authentic and intense all-female lovemaking. a lesson for every woman who wants to know what lesbian sexuality could bring her..." - ff-admirer

moral issues with sexuality

If you enjoy the feeling of orgasms I don't blame you - who doesn't? Seriously, unless you're brainwashed, brain damaged or cursed, everyone loves orgasms in their deepest longing. Do not lie, for it attract darker futures; if you're honest, you attract best probable futures. Basic Law of Attraction.

If the nagging feeling of guilt, shame or sin confuses or enslaves you, if you live in the United States or you're a Christian, the following 15 mins documentary clip should help.

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Even the Bible is not against homosexuality in its original text especially girl girl sex because even the root word is male based, this should help.

Ancient Chinese doctors fully supports sex between women and depicts it as natural and healthy expression of feminine sexuality. It was only later monotheism religions started to use fear for control and among the most useful is getting into the private lives of people's sexuality.

The most despicable act that is detest to the Lord is a non-homosexual boy (straight) who is sold into slavery and physically raped against his will by rich nobles who may be homosexual themselves. Consensual homosexual acts between men (paiderasste) in original text is a different word than this sexual offender word (arsenokoitai).

arsen - men
koitai - beds

other translation for "arsenokoitai" is "catamite" in Jerusalem Bible.

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